AuditGuard® is a Premium Audit Protection Program that provides you with the strongest possible defense in the event your tax return is subjected to an IRS audit. With your enrollment in AuditGuard you will receive:

  1. A designated C.P.A. or Enrolled Agent assigned to your audit case.
  2. A licensed professional to defend your rights and protect your assets in the face of an audit.
  3. Experienced support to eliminate or minimize any increases in your tax obligation.
  4. A full 36 months of coverage for a onetime enrollment fee.
  5. Up to $2,500* in reimbursement of assessed interests, penalties and certain tax increases (not all cases qualify for reimbursement. See your Customer Protection Agreement below for limitations).
Your enrollment fee is 100% refundable if at any point during the preparation for your audit, you become dissatisfied with the level of support you receive.


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  I understand the terms and guidelines of AuditGuard Protection Plan as outlined in this agreement and choose to:


The AuditGuard® Protection Plan is a service warranty program that provides you with professional support in the event your tax return is subjected to an IRS audit. AuditGuard provides you with one-on-one support from a licensed C.P.A. or Enrolled Agent who will work directly with you and the IRS throughout every phase of the open audit. Our agents work to defend your rights and privileges under the Federal Tax Code and utilize extensive means to protect your assets within the confines of the current tax laws. The objective of our support team is to satisfactorily resolve all targeted areas of your audit and eliminate or minimize any increases in your tax obligation. This plan also provides reimbursement of assessed interest, penalties and certain increase in taxes up to $2,500*, in qualified cases (please see below for qualification criteria). Your enrollment fee is 100% refundable if at any point during the preparation for your audit, you become dissatisfied with the level of support you receive.


Provisions for AuditGuard subscribers include:

1.01 Assistance from a dedicated CPA or Enrolled Agent throughout all phases of the open audit. Our representatives provide:

  1.     evaluation of all related IRS correspondence,
  2.     explanation of claim requirements and the available options,
  3.     expert consultation and strategic planning,
  4.     aid with document organization and review for presentation,
  5.     drafting of letters and necessary communication as needed to resolve the issue,
  6.     telephone correspondence with the IRS agent for explanations and discussions during the audit session.
1.02    A cash reimbursement up to $2,500* of assessed penalties and interest as well as certain increases in tax liability (please see below for qualification criteria).
1.03    A full 36 months of coverage on each tax year for a onetime payment.
1.04    Coverage for returns with all major forms including schedules C, E and F.
1.05    100% reimbursement of paid enrollment fees in lieu of further assistance for any subscriber dissatisfied with their audit support. (Requests for reimbursement must be made in writing prior to the commencement of any audit sessions.)


The following defines our service limitations: 2.01    Coverage is ONLY applicable to the tax year of purchase and does not extend to any other tax year or previously filed returns.
2.03    AuditGuard does not provide assistance for IRS collection notices or bills resulting from audits that were not defended through the subscriber’s coverage.
2.04    Coverage does not include physical appearance of a representative during the audit session or face to face consultation. However, the assigned representative is made available for telephone correspondence throughout the audit session as needed.
2.05    Coverage ends 36 months after the purchase date.
2.06    The return must be filed timely or within a valid extension period granted by the IRS.
2.07    This agreement shall be render null and void if it has been determined that the audit assessment is a result of:
  1. incomplete, false or otherwise fraudulent information knowingly provided to Return Preparer by the subscriber for the preparation of the return,
  2. fraudulent information intentionally filed by the Return Preparer with or without the subscriber’s knowledge or consent,
  3. the subscriber’s failure to provide the relevant records to either the AuditGuard or the IRS within the prescribed thirty (30) days period following the claim,
  4. The subscriber taking a position on the return that challenges current tax laws and IRS guidelines or interpretations which results in increased tax liability.
2.08    If the payment for coverage is not received via the initial method attempted, it will become the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay all fees to AuditGuard within 30 days of the return completion to ensure that coverage remains in effect.
2.09    AuditGuard does not guarantee favorable actions taken or decisions made by the IRS.
2.10    AuditGuard does NOT provide legal representation or advice as a part of its audit support function.
2.11    AuditGuard Protection Plan is NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY and AuditGuard Services, Inc. is NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY, and does not operate under the guidelines of any state or federal insurance regulations.
2.12    Subscription does not provide face-to-face audit representations or appeals in Federal or Tax Court.
2.12    Service does not include filing of appeals, audit reconsideration and/or offers-in-compromise.
2.13    Support service does not include compilation of receipts, reconciliation of checkbooks or bank statements, record keeping, bookkeeping or other clerical tasks.
2.14    AuditGuard does not cover returns NOT accepted by the IRS.


Some audits, tax returns, and/or audit issues may be excluded from coverage for any of the following reasons:
3.01    Pre-existing Audits – Audits with the condition where the date of the audit notice from the IRS precedes the date of coverage. Coverage date is the date payment and subscription information is received by AuditGuard for the subscriber's plan.
3.02    Large Business – Sole-proprietorships, farm or rental property businesses filed on the 1040 return with gross receipts exceeding $1 million
3.04    Criminal Investigation Audits – Audits for returns that has been or becomes subjected to IRS other criminal investigations.
3.05    The following types of returns are excluded from coverage:
  1. non-resident federal returns;
  2. state and local tax returns filed in conjunction with Federal return;
  3. amended returns;
  4. corporate or partnership returns such as 1065, 1120-S, 1120;
  5. trust, franchise, estate, and gift tax issues;
  6. appeals to positions taken by the IRS following the close of an examination;
  7. returns containing items or issues that have been previously or currently banned by the IRS.


Eligibility for reimbursement of assessed penalties, interests and taxes are determined on a case by case basis. Qualifications for reimbursement are determined by AuditGuard’s Underwriting Department and are subject to all limitations and exclusions outlined in sections 2.0 and 3.0 of this agreement. All reimbursements are assessed on an individual line item basis. Only disputed items for which the IRS rejects “valid and sufficient” support provided by the Subscriber in a timely manner, shall be considered for reimbursements. Any Item for which the Subscriber fails to provide “valid and sufficient” supporting document, shall NOT be eligible for reimbursement. In each case, the assigned Tax Professional shall determine the validity and sufficiency of supporting items prior to presentation to the auditor. Qualified reimbursement will be made only after all the criteria outlined in this agreement are satisfied and the Subscriber provides AuditGuard with proof that all tax obligations have been paid in full to the IRS.


Failure to comply with procedure and strategy actions recommended by your assigned AuditGuard agent or other AuditGuard representatives associated with your case, may result in an unfavorable outcome. Failure or refusal to comply with requests or instructions from the IRS or it agents during your audit may result in adverse actions taken by the IRS to your detriment.  In either case AuditGuard will not be held responsible for the outcome and reserves the right to cease providing service where reasonably warranted.  


  1. In the event you receive IRS notification
  2. Immediately notify AuditGuard of any notices from the IRS regarding adverse decisions.  Failure to act in a timely manner could result in the IRS taking irreversible actions to your detriment.
  3. Be prepared to provide AuditGuard with copies of all notices and other government documents relating to the audit or assessment at the time of contact.  Provide AuditGuard with a copy via fax, email or mail to the contact information below. 
  4. AuditGuard will assist you with a speedy process of assigning us Power of Attorney to for your case.
  5. Once we have an IRS Power of Attorney, you have the right to request that the IRS agent speak directly to us as your representative.
  6. Immediately after fully reviewing your case and identifying targeted areas, an assigned AuditGuard representative will consult with you to clearly explain the full scope and details of the examination and identify your available options for providing support as requested.  We will discuss your rights as a taxpayer as it pertains to your case and formulate a strategy for presenting your best support for the most favorable outcome.     
  7. Based on your consultation, your assigned representative will outline a list of required documents to be provided (based on the availability) along with acceptable alternatives for supporting your claims.
  8. AuditGuard will assist you in organizing your documents for presentation and consult with you throughout the entire process as well as providing explanations regarding your return to the IRS agent on your behalf.
  9. If the situation is warranted, AuditGuard may provide a tax professional to accompany you or attend the audit in your place.  In such cases, an additional charge of $150 per hour of representation will be assessed to you. 


Whereas, AuditGuard offers an Audit Protection Plan for distribution and sales through independent third parties groups including software companies, Auditguard shall assume all responsibilities and liabilities associated with the performance of the plan. AuditGuard shall indemnify, hold harmless and reimburse the manufacturers/distributors of the software, and their officers, directors and employees (whichever may incurred the loss), for all cost, including without limitation, attorney’s fees, judgments penalties, payments of other direct expenses and payments in settlement or other disposition of, or in connection with any claims, disputes, controversies or litigation arising out of the actual breach by AuditGuard of its duties and obligations under this agreement.

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